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WAB picks for 2012:

"sweeToxic" by SuG

When I first saw this music video, I was really confused. It’s kind of crazy. SuG’s vocalist, Takeru, does not look like this kind of guy who should be tying up girls and shoving his head between their legs… or maybe he is, I don’t know? Recently, I have been listening to this song a lot, and I find it stuck in my head often. Besides the song, I also really love the looks of the SuG’s instrument players (Chiyu, Yuji, Masato, and Shinpei) a lot in this video. It’s definitely one of their best. I think this was a really good follow up to their album, Lollipop Kingdom, that also came out this year (which I’d also really recommend for anyone looking for something a bit different!) -Elyssa

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I really just need to talk about this.

SuG is probably my absolute favorite Japanese bands. Their music really got me into Japanese music and I definitely wouldn’t be the same person I am today if it wasn’t for SuG and their music. I think they definitely, in some way, saved my life. Fuck, I even have a tattoo of their art from their single “Toy Soldier” pretty huge on my body. Today, their new album, Lollipop Kingdom, dropped and I just finished listening to it. All day, the only thing on my mind was coming home and listening to this album.

I’ve said before, I don’t really like doing “traditional” reviews because I really don’t know what to say about each individual track. It just felt too long when I wrote it up! So, I’m just going to say what I feel instead.

My favorite song is definitely “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show”. The video is totally amazing! I like the concept of cute but scary. The fashion is so good! I usually like all the SuG fashion, though, so that’s nothing new. I really love the composition of the song. The change in music throughout the song is really interesting.

This album is really fun to listen to! There weren’t any songs that I really just didn’t like listening to. I am a huge SuG fan, though, so there’s no way I couldn’t like it. But there were some awkward moments on the album, too. Some of the transitions were a bit bumpy, like from “Pastel Horror Yum Yum Show” to “Gimme Gimme” was really odd. I don’t know who decided to do it like that, but they should be fired.

After the first listen, I definitely wanted to listen to it again right away! So I did.

tl;dr I love SuG. Go download their new album. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This is the best thing ever :’) My day, at 1am PST, is completely made. The bottom picture is the picture I tweeted him. We might be crazy! But whatever, I DON’T EVEN FUCKING CARE.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The What A Babe Team talks about their current music choices.

Four Year Strong is one of the best bands in the whole world. -Caitie

I have been listening to A Rocket To The Moon this week. They are definitely one of my favorite bands, musically, and personality wise, some of my favorite people. One of my favorite songs is definitely “Sometimes”. I can’t explain how much I love that song. Also, “No One Will Ever Get Hurt”. I think I could listen to those two songs over and over for an entire day and still not get tired of them! I just checked the number of plays, and they’re 3 and 4 from ARTTM. 1 is “Mr. Right”, and 2 is the piano version of “Like We Used To” from the Deluxe version of their album On Your Side. “Not A Second To Waste” just came on my iTunes and I’m reminded of how I love this as well. I just can’t get enough of A Rocket To The Moon! -Kim

A band that has been all up in my ears recently, is this band from Japan called SuG. Seriously, all my friends and personal tumblr followers can vouch; they’re seriously all I talk about. I’ve been listening to mostly their newer stuff and random old songs over the past couple months, but about two weeks ago I went on a huge downloading spree, put their discography in order in a playlist (only slightly obsessive), and gave it a good listen. Holy shit, you guys, they are so awesome.

Okay, but seriously, they’re really good. Listening through their music from oldest to newest, I could really hear the growth, although they can’t really seem to stick with one music style, and go back in forth between harder songs, catchy pop songs, and an infusion of both.  Most of their songs seem to have really light themes to the lyrics (correct me if I’m wrong, SuG fans), too, which I personally like.

I’m going to be completely honest with our dear followers, the first thing that drew me into this band was their terrible English song titles and their eyesore of an album cover. Like, it was so bad that I needed to have a listen to figure out if they were literally talking about those things in their songs. I was hesitant at first, but I quickly fell in love with their music and, to a point, the members themselves. That’s right, they not only make awesome music, but the members, Takeru, Masato, Yuji, Chiyu, and Shinpei, are absolutely adorable, personality-wise and physical appearance-wise. Watching their personally edits for their newest single/music video, “Toy Soldier”, I was seriously cracking up or “aww”ing the entire time, even though I wasn’t buying for a second that Chiyu and Masato were really playing their instruments. -Elyssa